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Rules & Guidelines

The Robo Chat Challenge is a ChatBot contest offering prize and awards to contestants. This competition is designed to be easy to enter. It takes place on the web, and the bots themselves may be web-based, downloadable or available online, desktop application or some other instant messenger type of service, written or designed in any programming language. There is No Limit of participation for bots. Your bot doesn't have to be set up in any particular way to enter. It only needs to be available so people can talk with it. All botmasters are therefore invited to enter their bots.

Rules for entering are the contest are described as under:

  • Only English speaking Chatbots are allowed to enter.

  • The registration for Chatbots participating in the contest is free of cost.

  • The Contest is organized on a worldwide platform, so Chatbots from each and every region can participate.

  • A person can register One ChatBot on his/her name. It also refers to the point that you can't enter different or modified versions of the same bot that have been intentionally designed towards winning a certain category.

  • Although the Robo Chat Challenge welcomes all bots originality which is a key factor in determining how successful a concerned bot will be during the course of competition. Blatant clones will be disqualified from the contest straight away.

  • AIML, ALICE Bots - the participants are free to enter a bot using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) or using ALICE or some other database.

  • If a judge can not complete the conversation with the bot, then it will be disqualified from the contest.

  • Chatbots should be available 24/7 online (i.e., maintenance work should be done before registering Chatbots into the contest), so judges from various locations could examine them at any time.

  • Your bots should be easily accessible to our panel of judges.

  • X-Rated Chatbots will not be allowed to enter the contest.

  • Only the panel of judges will have the right to choose the winner on the basis of fairness and efficiency of the content and the decision in this regard will be treated as final.

Elementary And Final Stages

The contest will consist of the elementary stage and the final stage. The elementary stage will decide which 10 bots move on to the final stage. The scores from the elementary stage will not carry over to the finals.

The top 9 highest scores will decide which 9 contestants move on to the final stage. The 10th finalist will be selected by the panel of judges. No specific criteria will be given for this decision. It will be an intuitive decision. It may be a ChatBot which just missed the cut-off on the 10 question scoring. The judges reserve the right to select additional Chatbots they view as worthy to make the final stage as long as the number doesn't burden the judging process.

Important Note: The rules and guidelines may be changed at anytime to ensure fairness and un-biasedness. It is impossible to foresee all contingency that may arise during the contest so the Robo Chat Challenge reserves that right.