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Robo Chat Challenge 2014 Participants

We received 23 entries, out of which 20 selected bots participated in Robo Chat Challenge 2014.

S. No. Bot's Name Creator Country Status
1 Aidan Daniel Burke United Kingdom
2 Ashly Jordan Alexander Roy Canada
3 Asimov Martin Sondergaard United Kingdom
4 Brain Bot Paphus Solutions Inc. Canada
5 cl0ne salvatore mocciaro Italy
6 Cronus Innovative Solutions United Arab Emirates
7 Cyber Ty Ty Paige United States
8 David Swinton Jim Koch United States
9 Dwight Anastasia Russia
10 Egkelados Fanis Siampos Greece
11 Elizabot Tom Joyce United States
12 fireWi mahyar Iran
13 Izar AppSentience United States
14 Johnny Denis ROBERT France
15 Laybia Cortex United States
16 LOUISE CYPHER EVIL Limited United Kingdom
17 Mitsuku Steve Worswick United Kingdom
18 SAIL RISOFTDEV inc. United States
19 Skynet-AI K. Hurtubise United States
20 Syber Ty typaige United States
21 Talk2Me Steve Mann United Kingdom
22 The Professor Peter Lafferty New Zealand
23 Ultra Hal Robert Medeksza of Zabaware, Inc. United States